2011: In Pictures

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28 February 2011: Temptation
It's becoming easier to resist the takeaway menus which are constantly shoved through the letterbox.

27 February 2011: Danger
A slight diversion was required when we walked to the Metro Centre.

26 February 2011: Murder Mystery
I went to a Murder Mystery Dinner at Lumley Castle with people from work. All of our group guessed who the murderer was and Jen was the lucky winner of this bottle of bubbly.

25 February 2011: Success!
I completed the crossword. I even did some work too.

24 February 2011: Lumley Castle
This is where I'm heading in a couple of days time, for a Murder Mystery Dinner.

23 February 2011: Pink
My new shorts arrived. They're incredibly pink. Also, they look huge here but they're not.

22 February 2011: Pliers
Aye, that's how exciting a day it was.

21 February 2011: Superhub
Our new Virgin Media Superhub, whatever that means. Apologies about the dust...

20 February 2011: Steps
During a walk along the Quayside and round Ouseburn, Michael is not impressed at the stairs to be climbed.

19 February 2011: Sausage Casserole
With several episodes of Masterchef backed up on the Virgin Planner I decided to have a go at cooking a sausage casserole. I can't say it looked particularly appealing but it tasted quite nice.

18 February 2011: Christening
An invitation to the Christening of Becky's baby girl, Holly.

17 February 2011: Brown Ale
I'm not a fan of the drink, but I did think this picture was quite cool.

16 February 2011: Renewal
Season ticket renewal letters have been sent out. This is the new look seating plan for next season which will involve my current seat in the Leazes L7 Corner becoming part of the extended family area (shown in yellow). What to do?

15 February 2011: Hometime
One of those boring days where very little happens, so this is the button of my computer screen at work before I switch it off for the day. As I write this Newcastle have just taken the lead at Birmingham through Peter Lovenkrands so hopefully that's something a little more interesting to round the day off.

14 February 2011: Valentine's Day
The pick of the hundreds of cards I received.

13 February 2011: Black Swan
As I was feeling rather hungover after drinking from 8am the previous morning, I had a quiet Sunday and watched Black Swan. Not impressed.

12 February 2011: Blackburn 0-0 Newcastle
My first away trip of the season saw myself, Michael, Matty & James travel down to Blackburn on the coach. Good day out, match.. was ok.

11 February 2011: Tickets
I had an afternoon off work and went round to my mam's to collect the Blackburn (A) tickets which had been delivered there.

10 February 2011: Clip
As I continue to try and lose weight, the trousers I bought a matter of weeks ago are now a bit on the large side and being a total idiot I didn't think to buy some with belt loops. So, I tried to solve the problem by paperclipping my trousers to my top.. but it didn't work too well.

9 February 2011: Empty
A rare empty waiting room at the doctors.

8 February 2011: Happy Hour
I got handed this, but it's not really my cup of tea (though you'd think I'd had a few from the state of the photo).

7 February 2011: Sunshine Mojito
After 2 days in which I consumed far too much alcohol, a Monday drink in Popolo saw me order a non-alcoholic mojito. Surprisingly nice.

6 February 2011: Warning
A very appropriate warning.

5 February 2011: Newcastle 4-4 Arsenal
Finding Newcastle 4-0 down at half time I thought this new half time game would be the most interesting thing about the match. It turned out I was completely wrong as Newcastle fought back in stunning style to earn a huge, huge point. I've never celebrated a goal as much as Tiote's equaliser.

4 February 2011: Microwave
After a long day at work and a session in the gym, it was a slightly lazy meal for tea.

3 February 2011: Pub Quiz
The picture round at the quiz where Ali, Carolyn, Hayley and myself failed miserably. We did win a voucher for a free bottle of wine though. And I unexpectedly knew that Virgil piloted Thunderbird 2.

2 February 2011: Sky Sports 2
The channel on which I watched Newcastle lose 1-0 to Fulham.

1 February 2011: Supplies
Two bottles of Pepsi Max purchased to get me through the next 2 weeks at work.