2011: In Pictures

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31 August 2011: Smash
I accidentally came over all Greek and smashed a plate.

30 August 2011: TouchPad
Eventually I move my technology forwards and read a book electronically on the HP TouchPad. Very addictive!

29 August 2011: Hometime
Tired and a little sunburnt, I wait at Reading Station to begin the journey home.

28 August 2011: Little Comets
I decided to show some support for a local band by going to see Little Comets on the Festival Republic stage.

27 August 2011: Mud
Lots of it. And that's just inside the tent.

26 August 2011: Rise Against
Fists in the air for Rise Against as they play the main stage at Reading Festival.

25 August 2011: Festival Friends
James, Nicole, Michael & Fear are finally able to relax with a drink after the journey to Reading and a trip to Tesco.

24 August 2011: Packing
A sleeping bag and a pair of shorts and my rucksack is nearly full already!

23 August 2011: High Scores
After only a short stay in hospital, my mam (SM) has already made her mark on the leaderboard. The photo has been edited very slightly to remove the phone number at the bottom.

22 August 2011: Old Ticket
When sorting through the bag I usually use for festivals, I found this old V Festival ticket. Won't be much use at Reading 2011!

21 August 2011: Kangaroo Burger
An 'alternative' burger from a market in town. Very nice indeed.

20 August 2011: Sunderland 0-1 Newcastle
Watched the match in Rosie's. Ryan Taylor scored a free kick to give Newcastle the win - great stuff.

19 August 2011: Cheap Watch
I wanted a cheap watch with a stopwatch to time my runs so I purchased this for 9.99.

18 August 2011: Found Dog?
There was a poster up on the window to the left of the photo for a lost dog which looks exactly like this one about 2 days ago. Hopefully a happy ending, or maybe they just found a replacement really quickly.

17 August 2011: Remaining Vouchers
The Tesco Clubcard vouchers I still have to use.

16 August 2011: Mismatch
A typically mismatched gym outfit: red top, pink shorts, blue jacket.

15 August 2011: Burn
A burn on my upper arm.. from an oven tray. Sounds unlikely, but that is the level of my clumsiness.

14 August 2011: Hangover
No, not mine! The words of Samuel Pepys.

13 August 2011: The Corner
The view from my new seat in the South East Corner as Newcastle draw 0-0 with Arsenal on the opening day of the season.

12 August 2011: Membership
The tacky Newcastle United Membership Pack that arrived with my season ticket.

11 August 2011: Label
One label remains on the sheet. I'm sure it'll be put to good use.

10 August 2011: Old Room
My old bedroom at my mam's house still has a sign on the door.

9 August 2011: Heather's 60th Birthday
Heather poses on her 60th birthday.

8 August 2011: Great North Run
My information pack has arrived!

7 August 2011: Cumberland Arms
A very random pub crawl which involved pubs in Benton and Heaton then took us to Ouseburn for a drink in the Cumberland Arms while it was still just warm enough to sit outside.

6 August 2011: Fluid
Phil, Dean and Stu looking a combination of special and miserable in Fluid Bar.

5 August 2011: Run Home
As the Great North Run is now NEXT MONTH I decided to use a half day to increase my distance a little. I got the metro to Palmersville and ran the 7.2 miles home along Great Lime Road, Benton Lane, Benton Road, Chillingham Road, Shields Road and New Bridge Street. Unexpectedly, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and the drivers on all those roads were kind enough not to run me over when I was crossing.

4 August 2011: Quiz
Quiz night at the Newton and all the supplies are there - quiz sheet, pen, cider and crisps.

3 August 2011: Siamese Treasury Tags
I bet you can guess how exciting my day was.

2 August 2011: Freezer
Freezer contents: onion rings, peas and chips.

1 August 2011: Expedia
Since I can only seem to be sensible with money when I have a holiday booked, I decided to price up some trips.