2011: In Pictures

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30 April 2011: Ali & Stu's Wedding
My sister finally ties the knot. A great day!

29 April 2011: Royal Wedding
A day for celebration. Or, in my case, a day off work with which to spend time actively avoiding the below crap TV options.

28 April 2011: Renewal
I took a trip to the Newcastle United Box Office to hand in our season ticket renewal forms. In typical style, there was a long queue and one member of staff working.

27 April 2011: Cross Trainer
What better way to start the day than 40 minutes on the cross trainer. As it turns out, I can't take photos very well while exercising.

26 April 2011: Recycling Tips
A leaflet that came through the door offering some handy tips.

25 April 2011: Easter Monday
Ah yes, a day off work where most people go to the pub.. I go to the gym. Today's locker selection: number 22.

24 April 2011: Sand Face
I went for a stroll along Tynemouth beach with Michael, James and Nicole and saw this in the sand. I can't claim responsibility for the artwork.

23 April 2011: St George's Day
For England and St George.. let's go to the pub and then the casino! Stu looks somewhat alarmed at this idea but Michael is quite pleased.

22 April 2011: Good Friday
Instead of going out on the usual Good Friday pub crawl we had a few drinks round ours. I tried this new Stella Cidre which was reasonably nice, but I don't think Strongbow needs to worry too much.

21 April 2011: Scre4m
A trip to the cinema to see Scre4m = snacks.

20 April 2011: Dress
Half of Newcastle breathes a collective sigh of relief as I finally buy a dress for Ali & Stu's wedding.

19 April 2011: Picnic
After a wander around the shops with Ali, Carolyn & Ellie, we went for a well deserved sit down on the grass in the sunshine. I had an Easter cake.

18 April 2011: Posh Food
I wanted something quick and easy for tea so I had a look at the slightly more expensive ready meals in Tesco. Then remembered it was the day before payday, and settled for soup.

17 April 2011: White Line
Waiting for the Metro at Benton.

16 April 2011: Holly's Christening
Some balloons decorating the Lindisfarne where we went to celebrate the Christening of Becky's baby, Holly.

15 April 2011: Scribbles
Some of my scribbled notes at work. The one at the top says 'proof of tenancy.. previous landlord' which wasn't really that much help in dealing with the telephone call I was taking at the time. I just have a habit of writing down random things people say.

14 April 2011: Blood
Cut myself while slicing cucumber for tomorrow's lunch. So naturally I stopped to take a photo despite bleeding to death.

13 April 2011: Holiday
I was asked to use up some of my holiday entitlement at work so I decided to have a half day on 19th April (downward pointing orange triangle) followed by 2 days off leading up to Good Friday.

12 April 2011: Scaffolding
I think it's supposed to be unlucky to walk under it. Oops.

11 April 2011: Provisions
A cupboard which is more full than usual and contains a fairly typical selection of the foods I eat.

10 April 2011: Ice Cream
It was another glorious day so we took a walk along the Quayside and Michael had an ice cream.

9 April 2011: Tynemouth
What's that, a sunny day? Cue half of Newcastle flocking to the coast. Where it turned out to actually be quite cold.

8 April 2011: Sunshine
So, I'm stuck in work. Outside it is warm.. and BRIGHT. Thankfully, I'm about to leave for the weekend.

7 April 2011: Refreshment
This American football shaped cup was obtained from Fremont Street in Las Vegas and holds just over 2 pints which makes it handy for a post-workout refreshment.

6 April 2011: Dress Shopping
My mam took me dress shopping because I need something for Ali & Stu's wedding. It was not a great success, but there's a (short) list of "potential" choices so all is not lost.

5 April 2011: Goodbye Work
My place of work, as I leave for the day. I'm guessing I was moving as I took this.. because I don't think the building bends at the bottom.

4 April 2011: Digging
Remember the nice yellow lines from 23 March? Yep, they dug the same bit up again.

3 April 2011: Casa Antonio
The McDade/Moffat/Ellis/Carr ladies went to Casa Antonio for a meal to celebrate Ali's upcoming wedding to Stu and also Mother's Day. Ali was forced to dance with a sombrero on her head.

2 April 2011: Seat
The seat which will only be mine for a few more games. My backside didn't spend much time planted on it today as Newcastle beat Wolves 4-1.

1 April 2011: Marthas
I went with the girls from work for a Friday night visit to Marthas for 'Aperitivo', their happy hour style deal where you pay for drinks and get free food. Not bad, not great, but for the price of a diet coke I can't really complain too much.