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17 July 2018: AA
I went to my first meeting and really enjoyed hearing the experiences and advice people had to share. Rossetti was definitely a good choice of venue and I came away with some useful information and several phone numbers of kind people who are happy to offer support.

16 July 2018: Jigsaw
I've been meaning to get started on my giraffe jigsaw for a while, so here's my first attempt. Not bad for a few hours work but there are some tricky bits to come.

15 July 2018: Lovely Morning
I love lazing about on a Sunday morning with the windows open and a blue sky to look at.

14 July 2018: Goodbye Kevin
Kevin is leaving for a 2 year spell in Ecuador soon so I met up with him, Lisa and Finn for a few hours sitting on the beach. Kevin couldn't resist his last chance for a while to jump into the North Sea!

13 July 2018: Tall Ships
I went through to Sunderland with Mam and Chris for a look at the Tall Ships.

12 July 2018: AA Meetings
Now that I have a care plan in place, it's time to start looking for AA/SMART meetings to get to. I don't know if I'll make this exact meeting, but I've been told Rossetti is a good one for a newcomer to go to.

11 July 2018: Semi Final 2
Ken was so nervous he brought his own toilet roll, which Kath promptly stole. It was indeed a nervy affair but sadly resulted in England losing to Croatia.

10 July 2018: Semi Final 1
France knocked out Belgium to take the first spot in the World Cup Final.

9 July 2018: DNA Sample
I finally got round to getting my DNA sample ready for submission. It's taken a few days as I kept forgetting you aren't supposed to eat or drink anything for 30 minutes before hand and I'd always done one or the other each time I remembered. The awkwardly placed finger is to hide the unique reference number!

8 July 2018: Sunday Supper
Excellent food for a Sunday - curry and a garlic naan.

7 July 2018: Quarter Finals
England face Sweden in a World Cup Quarter Final match today. This was both a lucky charm and a stress ball.

6 July 2018: Glorious
Another glorious sunny day.

5 July 2018: Spice Girls
This bloke's Spice Girls t-shirt is amazing.

4 July 2018: Mam's Garden
Naturally, I hid in the shade.

3 July 2018: Tat
With England due to play Colombia I was delighted to find this topical bit of tat at Ali's house.

2 July 2018: Shorts
I couldn't find any shorts I was happy with today so I converted a pair of trousers.

1 July 2018: Ancestry DNA
I'm excited to submit my DNA to Ancestry for analysis. Hopefully there won't be any surprises!