2019: In Pictures

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January 2019
February 2019

18 March 2019: Homework
My sponsor set me some Step 1 homework.

17 March 2019: Magnum
A kind of Magnum I hadn't seen before. Challenge accepted!

16 March 2019: Pot of Gold(en Arch)
That's the end of my kind of rainbow.

15 March 2019: Reading
I'm starting on the 12 steps of AA with my sponsor and she set me some reading to do. I came into the boardroom at work to read quietly and there was a buffet waiting for me! I mean they were calling it Comic Relief but I'm sure it was really for me.

14 March 2019: Early Appointment
It was such torture getting out of bed for a 7am appointment at the doctors.

13 March 2019: Thomas/Victoria
I read about the Victoria Tunnel on a display outside the Church of St Thomas the Martyr.

12 March 2019: Scarf
I liked Noirin's scarf, so she gave me it. Awesome behaviour.

11 March 2019: Red Light
I had to be home sharp today, so obviously the bus spent ages waiting at red lights.

10 March 2019: Sloth Life
Not just a hoody. A way of life.

9 March 2019: Rocky
Apparently this is fuel for adventures. I'd have done anything to survive the bus journey home.

8 March 2019: Seaton Sluice
Me and Ali went for some food at the King's Arms. It was a little too cold to hang around and enjoy the view for long.

7 March 2019: Steve's Shirt
Steve Austin has a new shirt.

6 March 2019: Bacon Big Mac
Big Macs are awesome. Bacon is awesome. But together? I'm intrigued.

5 March 2019: Homelessness Exhibit
I spent some time in the library reading a display about homelessness.

4 March 2019: Bingo
I can't remember the last time I played bingo but it certainly didn't involve this sort of technology. It didn't help me win, unfortunately.

3 March 2019: Football
I do like an occasional kickabout in my garden.

2 March 2019: Toon T-shirts
For watching West Ham v Newcastle today I had a choice of t-shirts.

1 March 2019: Rebus
I promised myself I would go to the theatre more, so Friday night was spent watching Rebus: Long Shadows at the Theatre Royal. I don't sit in the stalls very often but the view was great and I really enjoyed the show.